Halieus International Support exists to generously share the love of Jesus Christ by equipping missionaries, investing in cultural empowerment, and giving at home and abroad.


Halieus International Support specializes in a holistic approach to equipping missionaries. From the way one looks at poverty, to a mind of discipleship, to an understanding of the culture where a missionary will launch, we believe that our process explores God’s call to missions in a biblical sense.

Our goal is that an individual is fully prepared in-country to receive all God has for them. We continue to work with the group when they return in order to help them transition what they learned in the mission field to either practical everyday use or into some type of mission work.

Halieus isn’t just for those preparing to launch into a short -term mission. Those who are considering going on a mission will find our preparation critical to help them to decide what time and circumstances are best to launch into a short- term mission, if at all.


How our Small Groups Work: Equipping to help without hurting

  1. We draw small group participants from local churches.
  2. We work in 12 week semester terms providing discipleship curriculum, prayer and biblical poverty alleviation curriculum.
  3. We work with practical application training in areas such as cultural immersion, missions preparing, fundraising, ect.
  4. We work with the group before the launch into the developing country and we work and when they come back to identify ‘next steps’.


How our church partnerships work: Perfect for those churches with and without mission partners

  1. We offer our small group equipping services at no charge to either the participants or the local church.
  2. With churches who have mission’s partners, we tailor our equipping process to prepare participants to be launched into those missions.
  3. With churches who do not have mission’s partners, we gladly link small group participants to our social justice and sustainability partners.


How our mission partnerships work: Collaborating to impact social justice and empower cultures

  1. We partner with organizations working in developing countries who have a goal to impact economic empowerment or affect sex trafficking or child soldiering.
  2. We provide those missions organizations with equipping short term missionaries.
  3. We also provide those organizations with targeted financial resources for specific projects.


Our commitment to our communities: Generously giving to our communities

  1. We seek to provide targeted financial assistance for those in need in our communities.
  2. We partner with organizations within our own communities who seek to impact social justice and sustainable projects.



“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer”  Acts 2:42 NIV

As the church grows larger and changes in formation, the tradition missions equipping model becomes more and more obsolete. Three team meetings and a packing party is simply not enough to help mold hearts and bring a team of people together with common purpose. Our model focuses on training teams 12 week small groups.  Our curriculum has been carefully selected to help guide participants through important principles. Ideally, we would work with a mission’s team from the first day of our group, to short term missions launch with one of our partners. We provide significant follow-up and debriefing so that when the mission’s team returns, we can assist each member to discover what God has for their next steps.

To inquire about how we can provide a HIS Small Group for your church or how to join one please email info@hismissions.net.

HIS Missions Investing in Others

“All the believers were together and had everything in common”  Acts 2:44

We partner with several organizations who have a significant heart for ending social justice and economic empowerment. Our partnership includes preparing groups to launch into developing countries where they operate and assist them in their mission. When possible, we also provide funding for specific targeted and measurable goals.

To find out more about ‘She Is More Than”’s fight to rehabilitate woman who have been sexually trafficked in Africa, go to SHE IS MORE THAN.

To find out more about ‘Children of the Nations’ missions to provide holistic care and economically empower children around the globe, go to Children of the Nations.

To find out more about how Love Missions is fighting sex trafficking in Orlando and caring for economic needs in the local community, go to Love Missions.

HIS Missions Blessing others

45They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. 46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts”   Acts 2:45-46  NIV

Every person that launches into a mission, be it in a developing country or here at home has a next step. God does something to every individual when you give of yourself. Some will return from their missions trip and realize that God is calling them into vocational missions. We will be prepared to guide them in that transition. Many, however, will want to take newly discovered passion and apply it locally. Halieus International Support is active in each community it draws small group participants from. We look for local projects that impact social justice and empower people economically. We assist through small groups and targeted funds when applicable.



Join a HIS Small group and begin the journey of either being equipped for your next mission or finding out more about what mission’s life really is. Your 12-week small group journey will incorporate 4 weeks of discipleship curriculum, 2 weeks of a curriculum based on how to hear from God and 6-week journey through ‘When Helping Hurts’.


No one ever goes on a mission trip without God moving your heart and calling you to action. What does that look like for you? Be it a calling to be a better spouse, friend, neighbor or member of your church. Be it a calling to take your experience on a mission and use it for local missions or be it a transition into a vocational missionary, we can help you discover your next steps.


Go on a short- term missions trip. Halieus can prepare you for a mission’s trip with your local church or we can provide a mission’s trip for you with one of our social justice or economic sustainability partners. Traveling to places like South America and Africa or to local mission’s destinations inside the United States, we are certain that God will speak to you in unique ways that will change your life forever.


He said to them, ``Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.``
Mark 16:15


When we have fulfilled our time and we pass our God-sized dream to someone else we will see missionaries equipped and prepared to travel to the ends of the earth, cultures who rise from the ashes of absolute poverty through food security, safe water, and safe sanitation, justice that extends for the disadvantaged and a heart of love manifest by giving. Lives will be eternally saved by the power of the spirit.


  1. We are authentic. We invest in real relationships with authentic challenges and victories.
  2. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to move through the local church. Our efforts are geared toward equipping local churches here and supporting them in developing countries.
  3. We believe that poverty is neutralized and social justice is achieved through relationship with God and with others.
  4. We believe that we all have some level of poverty. As such, we are all equals.
  5. We believe that one heart, transformed, on mission for Jesus Christ can have an impact felt all the way to eternity. We invest in individuals who participate in our groups from call to fruition.
  6. We will be an organization where talent and treasure flow through and not to.
  7. We believe in the power of prayer. Only through the power of Christ will poverty be eliminated and social justice reached.


2017-2018 Board of Governors
Nathan and Amanda Kimbleton
Nathan and Amanda Kimbleton
Nathan and Amanda Kimbleton co-founded Halieus International Support while on a short-term mission trip with the Summit Church of Orlando in Malawi, Africa. Having gone through Summit’s extraordinary preparation process, they had a vision of a ministry that equips missionaries with proper biblical knowledge of poverty. This mission would also provide discipleship principles that travel with them from the conception of the mission to the discovery of God’s purpose in each missionaries life. Nate is a graduate of Ohio Christian University and former president of Luke 22 Ministries. Amanda has been a surgical technologist for 11 years. Currently, she is an instructor at a career college.
Nathan Kimbleton, President/Co-Founder
Julio Marrero, Vice-President
Luis Lugo, Chief Financial Officer
Amanda “Mandy” Kimbleton, Secretary, Co-Founder
Derrious Heath, Board Member at Large
Kevin Erlewein, Board Member at Large



Our promise is to invest in the people who invest in cultural empowerment, social justice and change. Through our equipping small groups and our giving process, we work to accomplish that goal. If you have a heart for missions, desire to go to new and exciting places, desire to equip and teach others, serving at Halieus is for you!!

Lead A Small Group: Apply to lead a small group! You will lead others on a 12-week journey through discipleship, prayer principles and When Helping Hurts. This position may provide an opportunity lead others in travel into international countries with those in your group. It will defiantly provide you the ability to connect with the lives of others in ways you never forget!! This position is on a volunteer basis. Please email info@hismissions.net to find out more!


Our vision is to accomplish successful equipping small groups and support our mission’s partners.  We strongly believe that through partnership, we can see missionaries work to help empower cultures economically and co-labor with God through the healing process of a woman victimized by sex trafficking. We need your partnership to accomplish this.

Halieus has several affordable ways to partner financially. You can:

  1. Partner one time with an individual donation of your choice.
  2. Partner monthly:
    1. $20 per month or $240 yearly partnership.
    2. $40 per month or $480 yearly partnership.
    3. $50 per month or $600 yearly partnership.
    4. $100 per month or $1200 yearly partnership.
  3. Earmark a partnership (100% of earmarked contributions go to the requested category):
    1. Earmark for Social Justice
      1. All funds go to support our partnership with organizations fighting for social justice reform around the world and at home.
    2. Earmark for Sustainability
      1. All funds go to support our partnership with organizations that seek to empower participants economically around the world and at home.
    3. Earmark for Missionary Support
      1. All funds go to support short-term and vocational missionaries (including staff) affiliated with Halieus International Support or in a HIS Small Group.


Questions or Comments? Get in Touch.

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“42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43 Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. 44 All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45 They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. 46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts`` Acts 2:42-46

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